Green Hill Church has a rich heritage. It was largely the vision of one family who opened a church to serve the needs of the community. Prior to 1910, services were held at Bend Chapel, a Community Church which was located approximately 5 miles southwest of the present day church. On May 15, 1910, the Union Community Church was dedicated. In January 1912, the church burned. Services were held in a tobacco barn in the summer and in an old slave house in the winter until a new church could be built. In 1915 the Community Church was rebuilt and later used as the church parsonage. In 1917 the Union Church was dissolved and reorganized as the Green Hill Church who became affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. On October 29 the first Council Meeting was held and baptismal services were conducted in a creek near the church and in the Roanoke River. In November 1917, the second Council Meeting was held in which Bro. D.C. Naff was elected as the first elder and Bro. Levi Garst as the first minister. In June 1933, ground- breaking services were held for a new church to be located on land donated by Bro. L.N. Kinzie (present day location). In July 1935, the new building was dedicated. In July 1957, there was ground breaking services for the building of a new educational building. The Sanctuary was also remodeled. The educational building was dedicated in October 1958. In October 1968, there was a note burning for the present building. In May 1970 a new parsonage was purchased located in Beverly Heights. In August 1975 this note was burned. In 1998 the church purchased the Davis property next to the church for the parsonage. Today, Green Hill holds Sunday School beginning at 9:45a.m. and worship service at 10:45a.m. Being only one of the two Churches of the Brethren in Salem VA, we have a unique witness to share Gods Word thru our word and in deed to the greater community around us. Believing that the church is more than brick, mortar and carpeting, we seek God’s will for our lives and for the faith community that all people may by made anew by the empowering of the Holy Spirit at work within us. Today, our goal is to continue to develop a warm, friendly Christ-like fellowship - to hear God’s call through Jesus Christ as we move forward in faith and in our witness – through service to humankind and in a more consecrated life together in Christ as we work, Peacefully, Simply and Together.

~~ Source~~ 75th Anniversary Worship Folder